Batman the Dark Knight Rises

Movie Poster

To call this movie breathtaking would be an insult, as this movie is so much more. This is the stuff William Lincoln was dreaming of back in 1867 when he watched moving drawings rush by through a simple slit cut into a spinning wheel. This film is the trophy of the American film industry's undisputed triumph in the art. From some reason I saw the main engineering of this film as a parallel with the human need to invent a god and live and die by its terms. Desynthesizing our responsibilities by use of a third party. Everyone is always looking for a leader to give them a tune to march to. Good or bad. So long as there is a tune, there are always willing participants. Batman must make a come back, not just to answer to himself, and tie-in the plot of the previous film, but most importantly because people are at a loss after knowing of his existence. Which begs me to wonder: We are all assuming there is a guy sitting comfortably upstairs pulling cords, but what if we really truly knew? As with Batman, we'd be demanding this guy get back to business and do it as we demand him to. After all, his decisions are our lives. But let's look at it from another point of view. The bad guy, Bane, also has followers. Hordes of maniacs looking for blind faith to provide them juice out of their vacant existence. Reminding me a bit of a lot of terrorist ideologies. The propagation of a bad idea is often better than having no ideas at all. Check with our past historical dictators to confirm my suspicions. "You must do it without a rope." No one could forget those lines. The true motivator of human evolution. Because when it comes down to it, there is no large human accomplishment that has ever been performed with a safety net. Leaps must be made with blind faith. Something takes place in the universe when there is full commitment in place... Notice that I did use 'blind faith' here as well as I used it in the previous paragraph about evil. Because faith works both ways. The flip side of a coin by the name of 'hope.' The true lesson Batman delivers here after reconquering his own faith is that humanity must learn to fight its own battles with individually instilled hope and determination. Allow me to explain... This one book you might have heard of, the Bible, has a somewhat similar story. It's about an unassuming guy that shows up to perform acts no other man could ever fathom. And when he gets everyone's attention, he tells them that they too can do the same if they only believed. Of course, they think he is nuts. Everyone always misses the moral of the story. The reason why Batman has to go away, as did the guy in the Bible... Witnessing greatness is clear proof that we are all part of it. It's already within each one of us. And it's ok to move forward alone. We all find the way. So long as we have faith.