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I walked into this film expecting to laugh frequently. As it turns out, a word better fitted to the result would be intermittently. I did enjoy the film. You just need to bear in mind that the majority of punch lines were already delivered in the promotional trailer. I am a fan of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. For those of you like me out there this will be worth every penny. Don't waste your money on the IMAX version. This particular film is not improved much by the format. This time around Mr. Burton didn't come across as outlandish as in previous films. Perhaps he is residing closer to Earth as he grows in age. Although, my movie date said, and I quote, "this Tim Burton guy must smoke some good stuff." Johnny Depp was impeccable in his rendition. Who would expect any less. The guy has something. Some of you out there could only wish. Eva Green's character was tons of fun to watch. She gives the movie that extra that makes you want to keep watching. No doubt she had a good laugh playing this character. Let's hope she doesn't take it home with her. Scary. Michelle Pfeiffer hasn't been much on the circuit lately, and I wish she did. Her skills are as good as ever in this movie. We miss you girl! Come back more often! Everyone else performed as expected. Professional deliveries all around. Just nothing too off the pallet. I'm not sure the writing asked more of them. I particularly enjoyed the set design and costumes. The right blend of grandiosity and fantasy without getting too outlandish. Do look around as you walk through this film. You will find interesting treats. Tim Burton has always done well using digital effects combined with cinematography to deliver a believable world of fantasy. The film is simply beautiful. Sometimes you just want to hit the magic pause button and stare at the screen for a while. Amazing. Make your way to the theatre and watch this film with positive expectations. It will be well worth it. Just don't expect to laugh off the seat of your pants simply because the marketing wants you to believe that. In retrospect, I see clear now that the movie was never intended to be that. But simply another fantastic world delivered by the never-disappointing Burton-Depp team. Thanks guys!