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I was particularly mad leaving this film. Not at the product, but at myself. I had already conceded on the fact that I wouldn't be needing to see this in 3D. But don't make the same mistake I did. Go watch this one with the funny glasses. This is one of those that doesn't exploit 3D for the sake of the thing. I can see how it would actually work well. The visuals are undeniably cool. And it's obvious much preparation went in its delivery. I am sadly old enough to compare this one to the original one with Arnold. And it is by far a better narrative piece. Sure, back then it was the bells and whistles of the scifi angle, the Sharon Stone, and the Arnold bit. So we were all pretty well distracted. But now that time has passed... Screw that one. This one has testicles. Lena Headey as the villain is superb. I saw her in person at the Abbey the other night and she is particularly attractive in person. Her sight grabs on to you hard. But who knew she delivered just as much a hormonal effect with a scar across her face. Olivia Thirby played a refreshingly believable role as the rookie cop looking to grow some cojones to pull the trigger. And this is no little lady from Gossip Girl, for those of you who followed her here from there. That girl will put two in the chest and two in the face. Thank God they had the common sense to come up with an excuse to have her helmet removed. I mean... Karl Urban. Dude. You are cool and all, but that could be your cousin in there. Couldn't someone had blown off your helmet? You know? Give us our money's worth to see the actor we are here to root for? All jokes aside, when you see your cousin tell him he has my thumbs up. Good job. In any case, go watch this. It's modern cool and refreshing. Soda optional.