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One would expect all these no doubt fantastic actors to select their projects with concise precision. Their craft is beyond imitation, and their portrayal of characters uniquely defined. It is in fact the dramatic deliverance in this piece that was particularly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the screenplay didn't keep up with this bargain. The characters followed a path that was cliché at best. There might have been a token surprise here and there, but, let's face it, we've seen this one before. I read in a review somewhere that this was a Bonnie and Clide for modern Go have a look for yourselves. I can't chalk this up as a bad film, though. As I said, the acting was flawless enough to keep me interested, and the cinematography and music was perfectly orchestrated. Perhaps the screenwriters felt it was enough to stamp the "based on a true story" at the opening and just let it coast. If you have the patience, wait for the last forty-five minutes of the film. This is when the thing actually becomes semi interesting. And, yes, it all ends as you predicted in the first ten minutes of the movie.