Ruby Sparks

Movie Poster

This movie blew my mind. As I was watching I realized I was totally falling in love with this film. Smart, funny, challenging, even emotionally entertaining. All the while not realizing the subtle enormity of the structure perfectly laid behind scenes. When I realized this had been written by a woman, the same one listed as lead actress and executive producer, Zoe Kazan, the pieces of the puzzle slammed together like a tornado. This is what us men do to women, and how they experience it. The madness. The impossibility. The magic of it all. The devastation of not being able to hold it together. But, above all, how men make it unreal for women to simply be the already magical creatures we are drawn to to begin with. From dreaming the girl. Making her into the dream. Acknowledging the dream and wishing it to be different. To rejecting the new dream once it's changed just for our benefit... Word to the wise. Come to terms with yourself and let the girl be. It's easier getting to the happy ending that way... And if all else fails, go watch Ruby Sparks. It won't disappoint you, it might even leave a dent somewhere there, and above all, it's definitely cheaper than the dinner you were about to buy for that girl you don't like that much any way. Oh! Before I forget. To all those men out there reading this, saying, "Hey! women do the same to us!" My response to that is: "Why don't you go out there and make a movie like Zoe did and then we'll give you credit for your witty repartee. Ok?"