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Quite frankly, I am at loss for words. Not because the film didn't deliver enough content to speak of. Surely, plenty of people got shot, blown up, stabbed, beat senseless, raped, smacked around, set on fire, flagellated, and even spat on the face, to just mention a few. It's just that I feel completely unaffected. A case could be made for the fact that in modern times violence has become daily bread in all media, and also having watched way too many movies at this point, I might have grown numb to all this violence. But then I think back to movies like Black Swan, or TV shows like Breaking Bad, where I definitely feel something. And it's not that I am making a case of those films being better than this one. It's just that I am at a loss for words, and I am not used to experiencing this in an Oliver Stone film. I am a big fan of this director's work. Not just his efforts commanding a picture, but also his writing, and most projects he's produced. I can count a large percentage of the Stone trademark holding a spot in my list of favorites. Perhaps it was the actors involved. No doubt they are fantastic to look at. But their performances, again, I am at a loss for words. However professional were their deliveries, I'm pretty sure any other competent dramatist could have done no less. Now, I'm sure some of you out there are saying, "Hey! how about Benicio!? He was great..." Yes. He was. But he was doing Benicio as Benicio does Benicio. So it's already built in in the expectation. I thought the idea was to give your fans something to be surprised by. You know, like Salma Hayek's performance. Now, there's some acting with balls. The problem is that she is the only strong delivery in the entire film, and no war is won by a single soldier. Which brings me to that narration by Blake Lively... Wow... I don't think we needed so much of it. The visuals gave plenty. Specially when she sounds like she is reading off a teleprompter. No heart into the words whatsoever. Next time. Just keep her in a bikini instead of kidnapped in a corner in a full dress. Get your money's worth when you are hiring a super hot lady. The plot was clearly intertwined with some skill. And, in fact, I noticed no less than three writers took credit on that script. They really had a go at it. It's just that, well, I'm at a loss for words... Maybe they should have called in that fourth writer to give us a better version of something we have seen fifty five times by now. By all means, go watch the film. You will probably like it. Contrary to what you might think reading these words, I did enjoy it. It is fun and will help you kill two hours plus with no problem. Just don't expect to remember it next week, or maybe even by tomorrow.