Snow White and the Huntsman

Movie Poster

A wise man once said all stories have already been told. We are merely reinterpreting them. In the case of this film, it was worth every penny. Snow White never looked this cool in the Disney cartoon I grew up with. This one kicks some serious butt. The screenplay was very well threated. Everything in place, and every step carefully placed. Nothing in this plot felt like an accidental consequence or a mechanism for an action sequence. But rather a cause and effect of the dramatic conflict between a woman that wants what most of us dream of, to stay young forever, and the beauty that is happy to grow old at her own pace. A particularly effective plot mechanism was acknowledging that Charlize Theron's character is haunted by her own dependence on being eternally young. A long standing curse bestowed by past events. Like Beauty, they are both victims of their own past and flawed parenting. Something most of us suffer from one way or another. I believe this is what makes the script particularly good. The believable balance of weakness and power inside the same character. I found this picture worth watching based on Charlize's performance alone, but everyone else was superbly cast. Even Kristen Stewart, better known for her demure dramatic style, was fitted flawlessly in the character of Snow White. If there was one thing I found missing that I had foolishy hoped for, was the eventual appearance of the Dragon. But, hey, like I said at the start, this is a reinterpretation. One worth watching.