Total Recall

Movie Poster

Iím not sure how deep down the list of 80s films remakes we are at this point. But one thing is clear: we are kicking ass. Back in the day, Total Recall was a cool idea, but amped up with the effects and cinematic skills of the 21st century, it is an insanely cool idea. Maybe it wasnít everyoneís cup of tea. After all, this kind of effects and blowíem up buffet has become common meal in our time. But you canít deny the new version of Total Recall is super slick and completely entertaining. Colin Farrell plays a good double agent lost in a futuristic wonderland. The guy already has that get-me-a-map kind of dumb founded look naturally, so not a stretch. Kate Beckinsale is awesome in the rare role of a bitch of a wife. I think I speak for all of the male population when I say: "we donít mind a bit of smacking around, Kate. Tell us what to do. Any time." And if that wasnít enough, some god sent studio executive thought to toss Jessica Biel in the mix. I donít need to spell it out for you. Do I? Letís just say I am hoping for the Baywatch slow motion edition when it comes out on blu-ray... No, you canít borrow my copy! So you see? Total Recall delivers the new version of the ultimate 80s ice cream. Delicious to look at, stronger in flavor, and with plenty of nuts to go around.